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Whatever your work or passion, there’s a McKelvey trailer for you. It’s as easy as making a few choices and we will quickly narrow our range of trailer models down to the ones that are best suited for you.

Our product range comprises of a variety of different trailer designs. Their overriding characteristic is the build quality, durability being the operative word.The ability of our trailers to perform tasks year after year see customers returning to add to their fleet. We also offer a wide range of trailer repair, modifications and refurbishment options, ranging from minor alterations to a full rebuild. All repair work is conducted to the highest standards at all times.

We look forward to meeting new challenges of new markets with both proven & new product lines. If you can’t find what you are looking for but have a particular idea or requirement please feel free to Contact Us to discuss what we can do for you. Whatever your load carrying problem we can custom build a trailer that will meet your needs.


Quality Engineering

Service is the foundation of D.McKelvey Trailers. Our top grade builds deliver high performance and excellent durability. The easy to use features incorporated in our trailers give you the confidence to get to any job quickly and safely. We aim to offer value whilst providing a first class service and establishing quality relationships with all our customers.



D.McKelvey Trailers are built tougher, last longer and provide your best value. Our trailers are built with attention to quality in every detail.

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Engineered for years of rugged, precise & dependable service, our line of top grade trailers are built for high performance and superior durability.

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All our trailers are available in a variety of sizes & configurations. A long list of standard features come with each trailer ensuring all your hauling needs are met.

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